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A - Phoenix  Warehouse

8972 S. Anderson Way

Phoenix AZ  85009

Contact Phone

Primary Contact - Steve Anderson

Secondary Contact - Gloria Stein

Dock Hours - M-F 7 to 4  SAT 7 to Noon

After hour dock notice arrangements must be made in advance.  OT Loading applies.

Advance Notice Required.

d - 

Frequent Dely Address

XYZ Corporation

4585 Anderson Blvd.

Chandler AZ 85385

Delivery Contact - Steve Sowers 480 555 1234 

Second Contact - Sharon Philipst 480 555 1234

Dock Hours M-F 7 to 3:30 Closed Weekends.

Dock with leveler.

Special Instructions:  Call Prior to Delivery


XYZ manufactures and ships 

computer cabinets. 

They are skidded with corrugated wrap.

They have tip n tell and shock watch indicators.

Shipping Instructions

Driver needs pallet jack

2 pads per cabinet

2 straps per cabinet

1 load bar for every 2 cabinets.

Hauler BOL Number required to Load.