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Project Shipping

High Value, Sensitive Products

Our specialized team of packing, handling and shipping professionals work with your team to develop the safest strategy to transfer of your critical commodity.  Highly trained personnel using the right equipment options are  is given.  We bring the experts with the right assets to review manpower and equipment requirements.  

We know you were very careful to design, build and prepare your sentive commodty for transport to its next destination.  You controlled everything in quality defined processes using customer coponents and unique proceedures. You tested the produt prior to shippment and now trusting a 3rd party to pay close attention to respect the specail considerand monitored process. The assemballed  matericals, assembly bmly in a quality controlled process for a  careful process  Now it is our turn.  Critical commoditeis are monitored during the entire process of handling and transport.   

r team works with your team to 

Analconcerns.  critical 

They reach their destination as planned.
They were not disturbed while in transit.
The shipment’s environment was unaltered.

Real-time tracking of the terrestrial shipment. Placed alongside the satellites in the transporting case, the multi-sensor device collects data to transmit back to the researchers, such as:

GPS Location

G-Force Tracking

Relative humidity
Temperature Control and Monitoring