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Dedicated Full Service


  • A Worldwide manufacturer of telephones and equipment requested EG to design, build, transport and install customer Kiosks to malls nationwide.
  • Kiosk sizes at 10' x 12' and 16' x 16'
  • Deliveries and installations could only be after evening mall hours
  • Two-night installations required per kiosk


  • To provide the most cost effective means for transporting the kiosks to malls nationwide
  • To provide inside delivery and placement in malls after hour and over two nights
  • To provide driver assistance to EG Retail installers


  • STI developed a program to provde 53 ftt, lift-gate, tractor-trailers to direct transport each kiosk to the destination mall
  • STI assigned dedicated truckload drivers to the program to provide consistency and kiosk handling experience throughout the program
  • STI drivers performed inside delivery of each kiosk over two nights as required.
  • STI drivers assisted EG retailer installer with placement and setup as needed.


  • Kiosks were delivered and installed on schedule, damage-free
  • Greater efficiency and cost savings was evidenced by utilizing assigned drivers with direct, specialized trailers
  • Customer satisfaction was realized by both EG Retail and their customer.

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