Specialized Truckload with Retail Mall Installation


  • One of the largest owners of malls nationwide, awarded EG with the build and distribution of 716 Retail Merchandise Units (RMU's) to 34 malls nationwide.   
  • All Deliveries to be on-day / on-time, after evening mall hours
  • EG to provide inside delivery deployment of used RMU's between malls.


  • To provide the most cost effective means to transport and deliver RMU's
  • Only STI labor to be utilized for the placment and installation of RMU's
  • To determine processes for coordination of redeployment RMU's and costing thereof
  • EG to outsource manufactguring to third party manufacturer with considerations to distribution from their facility.


  • STI developed dedicated truckload programs for transport, delivery and installation of RMU's to each mall, with considerations to overtime and on-day/ on-time deliveries
  • STI assgined six (6) drivers to program to act a s leads o the multi-truckload deliveries to each mall
  • The lead drives worked direct with the third party manufacturer to insure stability of units in transport and make manufacturing recommendations as found
  • The lead drivers also supervised other STI drivers and crews on delivery and installation processes
  • STI utilized 53 ft, liftgate trailers for ease in off-load at the malls
  • STI drivers and crews provided all placement and installation of RMU's
  • STI assumed full responsibility and coordination of redeployment RMU' working directly with the malls to perform


  • ​STI completed 83 truckloads of the new RMU's and 34 deployment truck loads for EG and their customer.
  • All mall deliveries and installations were completed on-day and on-time as required
  • Both EG and their customer were specially pleased with the program as their costs were below the budgeted amount. 

Case Study