Gifts for Your Favorite Truck Driver 

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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Truck Driver



Updated May 20, 2018

Are you looking for a practical gift for your favorite truck driver? If your spouse or loved spends a lot of time on the road, you know it can be very hard to find a practical gift that he or she will use and love. But there are plenty of ​ways you can make his or her job easier with a simple present. Here are 15 gift ideas that are perfect for any truck driver: 


 Truck Route GPS or App


Choose a GPS model or download an app that is specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. Such units should have height clearance information, truck-prohibited routes identified and updated maps. Additional features that are available include the ability to enter your specific truck information, such as height and gross vehicle weight. 

A GPS or an app on a smartphone can save a truck driver a considerable amount of time in reaching their destination. It takes the guesswork out of bridge heights and truck routes and helps them find the nearest rest stop or truck-friendly eatery.


 Portable Vehicle Safe


Some drivers have to collect cash, cashier's checks, money orders or business checks at the time of delivery. Some drivers carry cash in case of an emergency. If a driver stops for a break, a shower or is broken down for a while, he may not want to take all his valuables with him when he leaves the cab. However, leaving those valuables in the cab can be risky. A portable vehicle safe is ideal for this situation. 


 Electric Blanket


While many drivers leave the truck at night and stay at roadside hotels, some drivers will sleep in their cabs. In remote areas, accommodations aren't always available. The cab can get very cold, so an electric blanket can be a huge help.  Look for one with a long cord so the driver does not have to struggle to plug it into an outlet. 


 Truck Mattress


Nothing helps a good night's sleep like a good mattress. Gone are the days when sleeper units just had foam pads in them. Mattresses are now manufactured with the driver's comfort in mind. But before purchasing a new mattress, consider that people can have very different ideas of what's comfortable. It might be more beneficial to give a gift card from a manufacturer so the driver can purchase exactly what he or she is looking for. 


 Wireless Bluetooth Headset


The Department of Transportation (DOT) has successfully passed a law making it illegal for a commercial vehicle driver to operate a hand-held cell phone while operating the commercial vehicle. That's why hands-free headsets can be helpful on the road, allowing drivers to stay connected to their families while staying safe. 


 Pressure Relieving Cushion


Truck drivers sit for incredibly long periods of time. Staying in the same position for hours on end can cause discomfort and even pain. A pressure relieving cushion designed for long hours behind the wheel can help alleviate some discomfort. 


 Personalized Mud Flaps

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Show your favorite trucker how well you know him by purchasing personalized mud flaps. Whether they feature his favorite movie character or his band, they will make a statement wherever he goes. 


 Shower Kit


A fully stocked shower kit, including a quick dry towel, shower shoes, and a bathrobe, makes the ideal gift for a driver whose home is in the cab of their truck. A grab-and-go shower caddy can make rest stop showers much more efficient and comfortable. 


 Daily Planner and Organizer

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A daily planner specifically designed for truck drivers allows them to track miles by state, by toll and non-toll road, interstate fuel tax, fuel consumption and more. It is a practical gift that your driver will appreciate the entire year.


 XM Satellite Radio and Antenna


The road can quickly become boring. Radio stations come in and out of tune quickly. An XM Satellite radio is the ideal gift to help keep a driver occupied and alert for those long hours behind the wheel.  


 Audio Books

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Audiobooks make a great gift for a truck driver. They can listen to language recordings, novels, business leadership books or anything they like. A subscription to an audiobook serviced allows drivers to pick books they are most interested in. 


 Truck Atlas

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While GPS devices and smartphones can be helpful, they are not always completely reliable, particularly in more remote areas. A specialized map created with truckers in mind can help a driver navigate dead zones the GPS doesn't recognize.  


 Portable Refrigerator


Eating on the road can be unhealthy, filled with fast food and quick dinner stops. A portable fridge powered by a truck battery can allow your loved one to store healthy snacks and drinks right in the cab. 


 Power Inverter or USB Converter


Few trucks are equipped with power inverters or USB converters, so charging a smartphone or other device can be challenging. A power inverter or USB converter powers can quickly and easily use the truck's battery to charge tablets or phones.


 First Aid Kit


While a first-aid kit may not sound exciting, it's essential for any driver. Drivers are usually alone and cannot always get to a medical facility quickly. Having a first-aid kit can be helpful when faced with a minor cut or burn.

Important items in a first aid kit include antiseptic, gauze, medical tape, burn ointment, bandages and common medications like aspirin or allergy pills for routine issues.