A Message From Our Company

Jack here - Over 35 years for shipping and logistics -

have grown our capacity and great relationships.  

We work hard every day and love what we do - but

"All work and no play....."   so ... We decided to share some industry humor.  

We hope you enjoyed these.  

We also hope you call us next time you need a quote !

We ship just about anything - just about anywhere.  

Our very best regards  to you and yours -

Jack and our team at Best Move USA - aka "Ship with Jack" 

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When I grow up...

Just a trucker ?!  I’m as long as twelve of you and weigh as much as twenty.  I monitor 18 gauges, 12 warning lights and 9 mirrors.  It takes me 10 times as long as you to get up to highway speed, and twenty times as long to stop.  I have special laws I have to learn and memorize,  There are thousands of special law enforcement officers whose sole purpose is to keep me from screwing up. I operate two dozen various valves, switches and controls. I do all this while you drive like an idiot, behind me, in front of me and on the side of me.  I leave my family and friends behind and live in a box so you don’t run out of toilet paper.  So don’t curse me, thank me.   And if that’s too much for you, stop buying stuff !

So you want this moved over a weekend. You want everything disconnected, moved and set back up.  You don't want our customers to be affected an any way.  

No Problem.  Happy to help. 

Hey big guy - are you serious?   


This solution is in development now !

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CRST- Cant Receive Speeding Tickets

SWIFT- Sure Wish I Finished Training

MAYFLOWER- May All Your Furniture Leave Our Warehouse Entirely Ruined

ROEHL- Runs Over Every Hill Last WERNER- We Employ Rookies No Experience Required

DIGBY- Did I Go Broke Yet

JB HUNT- Job Being Holding Up National Traffic

PRIME- PRetending It's My Equipment

SWIFT- Slow Wagons In Fast Traffic

CRST- Completely Rebuilt Schneider Truck

CRST- Crash & Roll Stunt Team

SCHNEIDER- Send Cash Have Not Eaten In Days Emergency Reply

ENGLAND- Every New Guy Leaves after Ninety Days