Air Services

  • Domicile pick up and delivery of freight
  • Airport warehouse transfer
  • Airway master bill of lading
  • Shipper export declarations - AES compliant
  • Letter of credits and certificates of origin
  • Documentation distribution - consignee, agent, bank
  • Customer clearance at destination
  • IATA Licensed

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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is located within Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #221, which helps promote international trade within the region. Companies utilizing the FTZ may have customs duties reduced, deferred, or eliminated, offering them a financial edge in the global marketplace. The state of Arizona also offers a significant reduction of property taxes for companies located within the FTZ. This reduction can often achieve more than a 70% reduction of taxes paid. There is no inventory tax within the state making Arizona a prime location for global trade.

Airport benefits:

Eleven-acre cargo apron
Three long runways that accommodate any cargo aircraft
On-Airport U.S. Customs
Low operating costs - Airport Rates and Charges
24-hour airport operations
Buildings available for lease and land available for build-to-suits
Competitive on-airport building rentals
Fully staffed Air Traffic Control Tower
ILS on runway 30C

An-124 at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Cargo Ramp. The ramp is sized and strengthened for two 747s to load and unload simultaneously..


(602) 803-6338.

Jack Struensee - International Move Specialist

Over 5000 is a big number. Especially when it’s the number of agents Champagne has an alliance with all over the world. The alliance network is World Cargo Alliance (WCA) which covers 190 countries and 729 cities and ports around the world, so we’ve got you covered!As a member of WCA we are connected to a network of thousands of reliable agents ready at a moment’s notice to clear your freight and deliver it to the final destination. Every WCA member is carefully screened before acceptance into WCA. This ensures that only the best companies who offer the highest standards of service are eligible. You can be sure that by working with a WCA company you are working with the best in the business.You need not worry about what happens when your freight gets thousands of miles away, nor be concerned about how we maintain control of it…with WCA, we’ve got you covered!

Ocean Services

  • Master bill of lading to carrier and dock receipts
  • Letter of credit and certificates of origin
  • Shipper export declarations - AES compliant
  • Carrier booking services
  • Marine Insurance coverage
  • Documentation distribution - consignee, agent, bank
  • Full service consular documentation and gov't regulatory docs.
  • HAZMAT certified
  • LCL consolidations
  • Ocean rate, service contract negotiation and quotation
  • Intermodal truck / rail rate negotiation and quotation.
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