C-Arm - Mobile Unit.

"Gurney" on wheels. Not packed.  86x35x40 @ 425 pounds

Example:  GE Mammo  200D 

Pad wrap Unit.  Three men required to handle the transfer.  Must have multiple straps to secure tall unit against side wall of van.  Caution - Do not over tighten with ratchet straps.   Unit should be serviced prior to shipping.  Direct dial Jack if any questions or concerns. 602 803-6338.  Liftgate pickup required if no loading dock.

Need Additional Equipment ?

"Gurney" on wheels.   86x35x40 @ 450 pounds

Fluoro Room prepped for shipping. Largest item weighs about 3800 pounds.  Fork Lift, Pallet Jack and Liftgate encouraged.  NO dock at load site.

Single Unit.  Cart is on wheels.  Must be pad wrapped and strapped carefully against side wall of van.  

Example of one type of "Fluoro Room" equipment.  Two men - liftgate pickup required.  Most items on wheels.  Pad and strap to sides of van to assure they are not moving.  strap high on tall pieces.  Use corner protectors when strapping.  do not over tighten straps.

500 D.


Fluoro Room 

(602) 374-4400 Main

(602) 803-6338 Direct


GE Precision 500 D.  All equipment - heaviest item about 3500 pounds.   Note tall cabs must be strapped to sidewall.