Making sure you can back to work as soon as possible.
 1. Adjust the final placement so it fits, is functional and looks great.
2. Pick up moving boxes, computer carts, file carts, dollies, plastic totes. 3.  Green decommission of absolete items
4.  Donation of items not needed. 5.  Promptly resolve, touch up, repair - fully address any move issues.
6.  Move review - always good to make the process better next time.
7.  Discuss estimated versed actual time, manpower, and equipment .

... See the resource or Forms site page to download our Planning Guide ...

 1. Was your Move Crew courteous and professional?
2. Was your Move Crew on time? 3.  Was the Move Crew properly equipped?
4.  Are all items moved and accounted for? 5.  Was site protection used in lobbies and finished areas?
6.  Did the Move Supervisor address your concerns (if any)?
7.  Were you completely satisfied with the move? 8.  Should your company use Best Move again?