Tempe Crane


5 to 275 Ton Mobile Hydraulic Cranes. Rough terrain cranes combined with a tractor-trailer and operator all in one package.

Experienced and certified operators. 

Many of our operators have held certifications with NCCCO since it's inception more than 15 years ago.


Hydraulic Ramp Trailers. Detachable Goose Neck trailers capable of hauling up to 60,000 pounds,

40' and 48' floats.

Double Drop Trailer with 23' long well and deck height at 22".

Tilt Deck trailers.


Tracked platform able to carry 61,000 pounds up a 36% slope.

Steerable rear axle trailer with 40' of van deck space for limited access roads and/or job sites.


Propane, gasoline and diesel forklifts with 4,000 to 22,000 pound capacity.

Hydraulic and manual jack and skate capabilities.

Gantry Service


Equipment Available