Our Newest Fleet of Temperature Control Vans:

2015 Customized Climate and Humidity Control Trailers 

the step deck is 11 feet long

it raises up 13" inches from the flat portion of the floor

the trailer is 98" wide inside

the flat floor portion is 42ft long

the door opening is 117" tall from metal to metal.

we have a 10ft wide curb side door opening.. 

latest technology air ride suspension - 

Suspension is adjustable to meet your dock height.

Redundant Dual Motor 5000 pound capacity lift gates for safety.

New high-cube, air ride
climate-controlled trailers

117” clearance through the rear door 

​In cab remote status display
Maintains specified temperature & monitors humidity Liftgate Printable trip & temperature recorders New Technology to Raise/Lower Trailer for Dock Height Requirements

Climate Control S​hipping